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The Restaurant

Kyō was established because of a need for more Japanese Izakaya-style restaurants. A place where you can unwind with friends in a casual atmosphere while enjoying authentic Japanese food with a great selection of sake or Japanese beer.

Come and find out what it is all about!

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  • タラの西京焼き

    Tara no Saikyo-yaki. Grilled black cod marinated in Saikyo miso from Kyoto known for it’s sweetness and and colour.

  • はまちのカマ

    Hamachi no Kama. Grilled collar of yellowtail fish. A delicacy not often found..

  • 焼き鳥

    Yakitori. Grilled chicken thigh pieces on a skewer with a wine infused sweet soy sauce.

  • ねぎま

    Negima. Grilled chicken thigh pieces and spring oinion on a skewer with a wine infused sweet soy sauce.

  • うなぎ蒲焼き

    Unagi Kabayaki. Grilled, boned and butterflied eel marinated in soy sauce, sugar and sake.

  • 椎茸

    Shiitake. Grilled, skewered fresh shiitake pieces.

  • 獅子唐

    Shishito. Grilled, salted green shishito peppers..

  • 炙りチャーシュー

    Aburi Chasyu. Broiled pork belly, marinated in sake, sweet rice wine and soy sauce.

  • 炙りサバ

    Aburi Saba. Broiled salted mackerel. Simple yet delicious.

  • 餃子

    Gyoza. Pan-fried and steamed pork dumplings made with cabbage, chives and garlic.

  • 鳥餃子

    Tori Gyoza. Gyoza with a chicken based recipe for those who can not eat pork.

  • あさり酒蒸し

    Asari Sakamushi. Vongole clams steamed in sake with soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

  • ユダヤタンダー

    Yudaya Tender. Shoulder tender seared, then grilled, medium-rare.

  • 焼きうどん

    Yaki Udon. Stir-fried thick udon noodles with vegetables and chicken.

  • 唐揚げ

    Karaage. Juicy deep-fried chicken thigh pieces made with homemade batter and spice mix.

  • 揚げ出し豆腐

    Agedashi Tofu. Fried tofu in dashi bouillon.

  • たこ焼き

    Takoyaki. Battered pieces of octopus with ginger and spring onion shaped in balls.

  • 手羽唐揚げ

    Teba To-age. Aromatic chicken wings, marinated with lemon, rice wine and soy sauce.

  • スーパーカツ

    Super Katsu. Tonkatsu/Schnitzel like you never had before.

  • 天ぷら

    Tempura. Deep-fried shrimp and vegetables, dipped in iced batter creating a light, soft and fluffy texture.

  • 野菜天ぷら

    Yasai Tempura. Deep-fried vegetables, dipped in iced batter creating a light, soft and fluffy texture.

  • 揚げ出し茄子

    Agedashi Nasu. Fried thin Asian eggplant served in savoury dashi broth.

  • ミニお好み焼き

    Mini Okonomiyaki. The Japanese however you like to make it pancakes. Ours are made with yam, cabbage and shrimp amongst other ingredients.

  • うま味オイスター

    Umami Oysters. 4 Fresh oysters topped with daikon oroshi and served with our homemade ponzu sauce.

  • 刺身盛和

    Sashimi Moriawase. A selection of fresh sashimi.

  • マグロ

    Maguro. Akami, lean part of the Bluefin tuna, has a distincitive flavour and firm texture.

  • サーモン

    Salmon. High in fat content, giving it a buttery texture.

  • ハマチ

    Hamachi. Japanese amberjack (yellowtail), has a buttery texture and rich flavour.

  • スズキ

    Suzuki. North Sea sea bass, firm and a little chewy with a wonderful sweet flavour.

  • 帆立

    Hotate. Canadian scallops, rich in umami and sweetness with a tender and melty texture.

  • しめ鯖

    Shime Saba. Mackerel marinated with salt and rice vinegar. Firm and rich in taste.

  • 大根サラダ

    Daikon Salad. Mild flavoured winter radish salad.

  • サーモンスキンサラダ

    Salmon Skin Salad. Fresh salad with pieces of crunchy grilled salmon skin.

  • アボカドサラダ

    Avocado Salad. Creamy avocado salad.

  • 枝豆

    Edamame. Steamed immature soybeans in pod.

  • キムチ

    Kimchi. Korean style salted and fermented Chinese cabbage.

  • 冷奴

    Hiyayakko. Soft silken tofu topped with spring onion and bonito flakes with a splash of soy sauce.

  • お新香

    Oshinko. A set of three different pickled vegetables; daikon white radish, cucumber and egpglant.

  • 炙り明太子

    Aburi Mentaiko. Grilled salted Alaskan Pollock roe. The perfect companion to sake.

  • いんげん胡麻和え

    Ingen Gomaae. Haricot vert marinated in a soy sesame sauce.

  • 有机納豆

    Yuuki Natto. Traditional Japanese dish, fermented soy beans with soy sauce, rice wine and a bit of mustard. Healthy and organic.

  • Meshi. Simple bowl of white rice topped with some seaweed and spring onion.

  • 抹茶雪見大福

    Yukimi Daifuku. Round mochi filled with ice cream.

  • Junmai

  • 淡麗魚沼 [masu]

    Tanrei Uonuma. Has a smooth, round mouth-feel and balance between savoury taste and acidity.

  • 辛口魚沼 [masu]

    Karakuchi Uonuma. Fermented at low temperature, producing a clean refreshing dryness with a sharp cleansing aftertaste.

  • 濃醇魚沼 [masu]

    Noujun Uonuma. Made with lightly polished rice, aged for 2 years, creating a rich savoury taste.

  • 明利 ときわ盛 [masu]

    Meiri Tokiwa Sakari. Made with in-house developed yeast, allowing the umami and sourness of the rice spread throughout the palate. Dry and rich.

  • 菊盛 純米樽酒 [masu]

    Kikusakari Junmai Taru Sake. Matured slowly in Akita cedar barrels producing subtle aromas and flavours of cedar. Has some sweetness, initial pepper notes, a little bitterness and some detectable wood.

  • 南部美人 特別純米酒 [masu]

    Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmaishu. Rich, but refreshing, medium intensity of aromas. Quality rice notes with some floral characters and marshmallow. Made using local Gin-otome rice.

  • Honjozo

  • 本醸造 本醸造 [tokkuri]

    Nanbu Bijin Honjozo. Made with Hitomebore rice and water from Orizumebasenkyo, fermented carefully at low temperature, giving it an elegant scent and beautiful aftertaste.

  • 真澄 特撰本醸造 [tokkuri]

    Masumi Tokusen Honjozo. Fruitier and light, like a premium ginjo sake instead of honjozo.

  • Junmai Ginjo / Ginjo

  • 黒人気 純米吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Kuro Ninki Junmai Ginjo. Gentle scent of ginjo with a wide range of flavours unique to pure rice.

  • 城陽 純米吟醸55 [tokkuri]

    Joyo Junmai Ginjo 55. An extra dry ginjo sake with a rich fragrance and a clean and refreshing taste.

  • 花吹雪 純米吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Hanafubuki Junmai Ginjo. Has a delicate light nose of melon rind and young green fruit combined with a light texture creating a balanced sake.

  • 八海山 純米吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Hakkaisan Junmai Ginjo. Has a delicate ginjo aroma and a fine, crisp mouthfeel, with clean aftertaste and a strong reverent finish.

  • 上善如水 純米吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Junmai Ginjo. Ripe cherry, fennel pollen and strawberry. Delicate and gentle with a mild palate full of soft minerals.

  • 真澄 辛口生一本純米吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Masumi Karakuchi Kiipon Junmai Ginjo. A well balanced dry sake with a pleasant sweetness. Light, dry, easy to drink sake.

  • Junmai Daiginjo / Daiginjo

  • ゴールド人気 純米大吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Gold Ninki Junmai Daiginjo. Has a strong aroma and a solid taste. Dry but not too spicy with a clean, slight sweetness and light aftertaste.

  • 城陽 純米大吟醸30 [tokkuri]

    Joyo Junmai Daiginjo 30. Made with Yamada Nishiki rice from Joyo’s own rice fields. Has a refreshing flavour, a fruity aroma and a deep and complex taste.

  • 城陽 純米大吟醸40 [tokkuri]

    Joyo Junmai Daiginjo 40. Nuances of red flowers and the scent of young papaya with a refreshing finish while feeling the sweetness and spicy taste of honey.

  • 真澄 純米大吟醸 七號 [tokkuri]

    Masumi Junmai Daiginjo Nanago. Brewed Yamahai style using Masumi's own yeast Number 7 with local Miyama Nishiki rice. Has a mild fragrance and a full-bodied flavour with well-balanced acidity and a clean finish.

  • 真澄 純米大吟醸 山花 [tokkuri]

    Masumi Junmai Daiginjo Sanka. Has a fresh, natural flavour that builds from cup to cup. An exceptionally easy-going premium daiginjo.

  • 南部美人 純米大吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Nanbu Bijin Junmai Daiginjo. Has a flowery aroma and full-bodied taste. Made with water from Orizumebasenkyo.

  • 上善如水 純米大吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Junmai Daiginjo. Very floral with notes of cantaloupe and nectarine. The palate reveals much more depth such as pomegranate, vanilla and buttery corn ending with a nice balance of acidity.

  • 獺祭 純米大吟醸 磨き二割三分 [tokkuri]

    Dassai Junmai Daiginjo Migaki Niwari Sanbu. Delicate floral aromas with a palate reminiscent of honey and an elegant lasting finish.

  • 獺祭 純米大吟醸 磨き三割九分 [tokkuri]

    Dassai Junmai Daiginjo Migaki Sanwari Kyubu. Luscious and juicy character with a nectar like sweetness on the palate, followed by a long bright finale.

  • 獺祭 純米大吟醸45 [tokkuri]

    Dassai Junmai Daiginjo 45. Has a graceful, elegant aroma with a clean finish. The improved version of the award-winning Dassai 50.

  • 真澄 大吟醸 夢殿 [tokkuri]

    Masumi Junmai Daiginjo Yumedono. A hand-crafted competition sake with very intense fruit aromas, pleasant sweetness and mild acidity.

  • Sparkling

  • 八海山 発泡にごり酒 [bin]

    Hakkaisan Happou Nigori Sake. A lightly sweet sake, crisp and refreshing with bright acidity.

  • 人気一 瓶内発酵 スパークリング純米吟醸 [bin]

    Ninki-ichi Binnai Hakkou Sparkling Junmai Ginjo. Aromas of steamed rice, yoghurt and lemon. Flavours of grape, cherry and dried pear. Small and lively bubbles.

  • 淡雫 スパークリング清酒 [bin]

    Awashizuku Sparkling Sake. A low alcohol, sweet sparkling sake. Slightly sour taste that the refreshing acid of white koji brings out.

  • 上善如水 スパークリング [bin]

    Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi Sparkling. A light, fruity and sourly sake with a light sparkle. Perfectly balanced refreshing sake with a slightly dry finish.

  • Nigori

  • 人気 にごり純米吟醸 [tokkuri]

    Ninki Nigori Junmai Ginjo. Brewed using just-harvested rice. Has a mellow flavour and a gentle ginjo aroma.

  • 菊盛 蔵雫 [tokkuri]

    Kikusakari Kurashizuku. A smooth, silky sake with citrus and melon aromas and a rich, complex flavor.

  • マッコリ [tokkuri]

    Mak Gul Li. Korean raw rice wine, low-alcohol, slightly sweet, tangy, bitter and astringent.

  • Other

  • 菊盛 山廃原酒 [tokkuri]

    Kikusakari Yamahai Genshu. Brewed with the traditional method called 'Yamahai Jikomi'. Matured over one year.

  • 土佐鶴 吟醸酒アジュール [tokkuri]

    Tosatsuru Ginjoshu Azure. A super fresh, dry and modern ginjo sake made with pure deep sea water, reminiscent of eating citrus, pear and green apple sorbet on the seashore. Not salty.

  • 福正宗 純米吟醸 豪華 [glass]

    Fukumasamune Junmai Ginjo Gouka. A kinpaku (gold leaf) junmai ginjo sake with real gold flakes inside. A beautiful sight when the light reflect on the flakes floating in the sake cup.

  • 華鳩 華コロンブ [glass]

    Hana Hato Hana Colombe. Aromas of honey, dried fruit, dried mushrooms and even a hint of fermented garlic. Not your everyday sake but still well balanced and elegant.

  • モリジョビコラボ全麹 [glass]

    Morijyobi Club Zen Kouji. A special sake made full with koji rice. Has a sweet flavor and an sour tastes. Drink with ice.

  • 金紋 熟成古酒山吹10年 [glass]

    Kinmon Jukusei Koshu Yamabuki 10 Years. Gold coloured sake, made with a base 10 year old sake. The ultimate umami of sake.

  • 華鳩 貴醸酒8年 [glass]

    Hana Hato Kijoshu Koshu 8 Years. Aged for eight years, has a similar nose to a sherry or port with a honey, nutty aroma. A balanced blend of dried fruits and earthy mushroom elements that has a malty aftertaste coupled with a full-body.

  • 南部美人 ゆずレモン酒 [glass]

    Nanbu Bijin Yuzu Lemon Sake. Made using only junmai sake, yuzu juice and lemon juice.

  • Japan
  • 黒霧島焼酎

    Kuro Kirishima Imo Shochu. Shochu made from sweet potato, has a thick sweetness but a clear aftertaste.

  • 三岳芋焼酎

    Mitake Imo Shochu. Premium shochu made using sweet potatoes from Kagoshima and delicious water from Yakushima.

  • 空と風と大地と焼酎

    Sora to Kaze to Daichi to Shochu. Made by slowly fermenting Miyazaki sweet potatoe with Yamada Nishiki koji rice. Mellow taste and very crisp.

  • いいちこシルエット

    Iichiko Silhouette. High-grade shochu made with barley, light and drinkable.

  • 神の河

    Kannoko. Amber-coloured shochu made from 100% Nijo barley, aged for 3 years. Mellow flavour through long-term aging.

  • 紅乙女丸ごま祥酎

    Beniotome Maru Sesame Goma Shochu. A sophisticated and gentle shochu made with barley and sesame.

  • 木内 米焼酎

    Kiuchi Kome Shochu. Traditional shochu made by distilling daiginjo sake lees.

  • Okinawa, Japan (Awamori)
  • 琉球 1492 水

    Ryukyu 1492 Mizu. Made with water from Kumejima, Indica rice and black koji

  • Korea
  • ジンロ チャミスル クラシック韓国焼酎

    Jinro Chamisul Classic Soju (per bottle).

  • China
  • 国窖1573白酒

    National Cellar (Guo Jia) 1573 Baichu. From the oldest continuously producing baijiu distillery in the world. A complex premium baijiu with a sharp aroma of peaches.

  • スイジンファン白酒

    Shui Jing Fang Baichu. Founded more than 600 years ago, this strong-aroma baijiu has a rich and concentrated aroma with notes of sour plums and sweet bitterness.

  • コウリャン白酒

    Kaoliang Baichu. Originating from the Ming Dynasty, made with fermented sorghum. A light-aroma baijiu.

  • メイクイルー白酒

    Mei Kuei Lu Baichu. Baijiu made from mixing Kaoliang with freshly picked Hamanasu flowers. Has a noble scent and gorgeous flavour.

  • 二鍋头白酒

    Er Guo Tou. A light-aroma baijiu made from sorghum. A clear and potent spirit, one of China's most drunk baijiu.

  • 竹葉青酒酒

    Chu Yeh Ching. A distinct baijiu made with sorghum, barley, bamboo leaves and other Chinese herbs.

  • チョーヤ梅酒

    Choya Umeshu. A balanced plum wine, refreshing and sweet.

  • 木内梅酒

    Kiuchi Umeshu. Made by pickling plums in triple-distilled award wining Hitashino Nest beer.

  • しゅわしゅわ木内梅酒

    Shyuwa Shyuwa Kiuchi Umeshu. Made with Hitachino Nest White Ale. A sparkling, refreshing, lightly sweet plum wine. (per bottle)

  • 梅酒

    KYO Umeshu. Our homemade umeshu made with different Dutch gins. Ask for availability.

  • 梅乃宿の梅酒

    Umenoyado no Umeshu. Premium quality umeshu made with sake.

  • 梅乃宿の梅酒黒ラベル

    Umenoyado Black. The high grade umeshu from Umenoyado brewery. Full and long lasting flavour.

  • 梅乃宿緑茶梅酒

    Umenoyado Ryokucha Umeshu. Umenoyado umeshu infused with green tea.

  • 梅乃宿あらごし梅酒

    Umenoyado Aragoshi Umeshu. Lightly filtered umeshu plum wine with still some pulp residing in it giving it a nice mouthfeel.

  • アサヒスーパードライ生ビール

    Asahi Super Dry Nama Beer. Refreshingly crisp, clear taste with a light aftertaste. Also available as Jokki.

  • ネストだいだいエール

    Hitachino DaiDai Ale. Brewed with Fukure Mikan mandarin and special selected hops.

  • ネストホワイトエール

    Hitachino White Ale. Brewed with wheat malt and flavoured with coriander, orange peel and nutmeg.

  • ネストアンバーエール

    Hitachino Amber Ale. Balancing the flavour of rich malt and bitter hops.

  • ネストレッドライスエール

    Hitachino Red Rice Ale. Brewed with red rice giving it a rose colour and a fruity flavour and aroma.

  • ネストラガー

    Hitachino Lager. Bottom fermented beer with balanced taste of malt and light flavour of hops.

  • ネストリアルジンジャーエール

    Hitachino Real Ginger Ale. Great balance between fresh ginger and malt.

  • ネストノン・エール

    Hitachino Non-Ale. Low alcohol (0.3%) content beer. The 0.3 makes all the difference.

  • ネストトゆずジンジャーノン・エール

    Hitachino Yuzu Ginger Non-Ale. Refreshing low alcohol (0.3%) beer.

  • ニッカ竹鶴ピュアモルト

    Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt Whiskey. Non-age statement from Nikka, matured in sherry casks, giving it a rich and spiced nose.

  • ニッカ・フロム・ザ・バレル

    Nikka From the Barrel Whiskey. A blend of single malt and grain whiskies, married in a variety of casks.

  • ニッカデイズ

    Nikka Days. A blend of meelow grain whiskies and slightly peated malts.

  • ニッカ・コーヒー グレイン

    Nikka Coffey Grain. Made mainly from corn, distilled in a Coffey and matured in American oak. Sweet and mellow.

  • ニッカ・ブラッククリア

    Nikka Black Clear. A blend of the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. Light and easy to drink.

  • 韮崎ブレンド

    Nirasaki Blended Whiskey. Mellow, silky, smooth and slightly sweet.

  • サントリー黄ラベル

    Suntory Yellow Label Whiskey. A blend of bourbon-cask whiskey from Yamazaki and Hakushu.


    Hibiki Japanese Harmony. Delicate with a honey like sweetness and a tender long finish.

  • マルスモルテージ越百

    Mars Maltage Cosmo. A blend of malts from the Mars Shinshu distillery and Scottish malts.

  • ホワイトオークあかし

    Akashi Meisei White Oak. Woody with spicy notes and a hint of wood smoke.

  • カバラン シングルモルト

    Kavalan Single Malt Whiskey. Award winning whiskey made with water from the mountains of Taiwan and rye from Scotland.

  • 和ウォッカ 40

    Wa Premium Craft Vodka. Vodka with a sake base, made with spring water from Mito.

  • 浮世ウォッカ

    Ukiyo Rice Vodka. A smooth vodka with the flavour of rice.

  • グラッパ モンテ オエステ

    Kotsuzumi Monte Oeste Grappa. A Japanese-made grappa, smooth and fruity.

  • コルコルグリーンラベル

    Cor Cor Green Rum. Made with sugar cane from Okinawa. Intense fruit notes with grassy touches.

  • コルコルレッドラベル

    Cor Cor Red Rum. A molasses-based rum made from sugar cane. Rich and spicy with tones of cinnamon and cloves.


Authentic Japanese Food

There is so much more than just sushi. Come and discover the many flavours of Japan.

What People Say...

日本人シェフが丁寧にお料理を作っていてどれもとても美味しく中々アムスセンターでここまでコスパの良いそして美味しい日本の居酒屋さんは10年ほど住んでますがないと思います。 中央駅からも近くメトロも目の前。立地も良いです。伺った時はコロナ緩和開けてまだ間もない頃ですが、このお店は今後確実に日本が好きなオランダ人や、旅行者で予約の取れにくいお店になると思います。陰ながら応援しています。


I have been trying to find an authentic Japanese restaurant for some time now, Kyo was more than I could have wished for. The menu does not overwhelm you like in most western Japanese restaurant. It is composed thoughtfully, allowing you to get authentic tastes of beloved classics and essentials of Japanese culture. The fried dishes were not heavy but rather light, leaving you satisfied instead of stuffed. The amount of high quality sake to choose from is also quite appealing. In Kyo, the staff's behavior was authentic as well as friendly and even lovely. Thus, creating a really great atmosphere in combination with great food and drinks overall.


Dit Japanse restaurantje blijkt pas anderhalve maand te bestaan. Mijn vriendin wilde echt Japans (dus geen Sushi) eten en via Google zijn we hier beland. Het is een klein pandje en niet makkelijk vindbaar. Mede omdat het niet op de toeristische route ligt. Het eten was erg lekker. Veel Japanse gerechten gegeten. De dames in de bediening zijn buitengewoon vriendelijk. En de prijs is redelijk. Ik kom hier zeker nog eens terug.


Best Japanese restaurant I have ever been - taste like Japan. The food is delicious, the service is amazing, waitress are super kind! We had like 10 different small dishes and they were all super tasty. I will definitely come back to try all the menu.



[igokochi saikou]


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